In-line Instead of Online!

Visit The Sweet Lemon Gift Shop for our quality gifts, selection of home goods, and seasonal treats! Proudly serving Poolesville, Maryland, and all surrounding communities, The Sweet Lemon is a place to catch up with neighbors, experience the pulse of the town, and leave with unique goods in our signature wrapping.

Heading to one of our many local wineries? On your way to a housewarming party? Off to brighten a dear friend's day? Come on in! We have all the goods you need to host and celebrate, plan and decorate!

The next couple of months are going to be zesty here at TSL!

Check out below!

American Legion Fundraiser in Time for the Holidays!

How Sweet It Is to be TWO!

My Main *Squeeze* of the Week!


The Sweet Lemon Gift Shop

19710-C Fisher Ave.
Poolesville, MD